CEO CORNER: Russell Hancock

Russell Hancock has been President & CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley since 1993. The organization provides analysis and action on issues affecting the region’s economy and quality of life by bringing together leaders from business, government, academia and labor to innovate solutions to those issues.

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What is your favorite college team?



I was an undergrad at Harvard and our team couldn't beat most high school teams. So when I came to Stanford for grad school, I was completely elated to cheer for a team in the Pac 12 that had a way of upsetting ranked teams all the time. Secondly, I am so impressed by the integrity of Stanford's program. All the kids meet the entrance requirements. All the kids graduate. 

What is you favorite memory from following your team?
Can I share more than one? The first would be when Bill Walsh came back out of retirement in 1992 to coach Stanford for two years and took the team to the Blockbuster Bowl where it rolled over Penn State. Walsh was such a heroic figure. Him returning to Stanford was the equivalent of Beethoven agreeing to take over the music department. My other favorite memory was when Jim Harbaugh was the Cardinal’s head coach in 2009 and went for a two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter against USC during Stanford’s 55-21 blowout victory. During the postgame handshake, USC coach Pete Carroll was angry and kept asking Harbaugh: “What’s your deal?” Oh my gosh, that was hilarious.